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Herpes – A Contagious Skin Disease

Herpes is a type of contagious infection that affects different parts of our body but it can be seen usually on the genitals and face. Herpes simplex viruses are the main cause of herpes on our genitals. Herpes virus can be of two types – Herpes simplex virus 1 (or HSV1) and Herpes simplex virus 2 (or HSV2). The type one virus usually causes infections related to mouth. HSV1 viruses can cause oral infection, cold sores blisters. In some cases it may cause genital infections as well. Type two virus is generally accountable for infection related to genital. As it is contagious infection and can be passed person to person, any direct contact with a person who is having herpes virus may contaminate a healthy person as well. People generally gets contaminated by HSV1 virus if they are sharing same utensil, passionate kissing, and sharing contaminated stuff.

dont share personal things with anyone

Symptoms Of Herpes Infection

HSV2 virus is generally related to genital. So having unprotected sex, unprotected sexual intercourse, multiple sex partners and oral sex may outbreak this virus and can contaminate a healthy person. HSV can spread themselves only when there is a direct contact between two people so outbreak of these viruses is not possible through air. Symptoms of these viruses are not seeing generally in its earlier stage but sooner or later it can be seen in the form of swelling in infected area, general flu, temperature, feeling itch in contaminated area, small group of onerous blisters, soreness and headache. Herpes symptoms generally take 3 to 10 days to appear but it still can’t be recognized by many people.

Treatment And Cure For Herpes

Doctors claim that there is no cure for herpes. People who is contaminated with HSV virus may hold this virus for rest of their lives. It doesn’t mean that an infected person who is not having symptoms of the virus, may not be holding virus. Even if symptoms of the virus are not seeing visually, an infected person may have this virus in cells. So having no cure for herpes may put a person in stress, may affect psychological state of mind of a person, and can put a person into great inferiority complex in front of their life-partner.

But there is still a hope for those who are suffering from HSV. Although there are some medications that help prevent HSV, but those are not so accurate too. It usually takes 10-14 days in order to heal cold sores. One of the commanding factor that helps fighting with herpes is immune system. So it is immune system that decides how far a person will go in order counter with HSV virus. There is another way of getting cured of herpes and that is natural treatment. It’s been discovered that a natural treatment for herpes can help get rid of herpes partially. Some of the natural treatments are given below:

Use of lemon: 

Lemon no one can deny the benefits of lemon when it comes to prevent various kind of allergies. So one should apply a piece of lemon directly on the lesion, this will help improve your condition. It can be very helpful if used in herpes lesions. Remember to apply fresh lemons as it could be more effective.


Aloe Vera:

just like lemon, aloe Vera is also used in different health issues. To use this, one can squeeze its juice and can apply directly on the lesion. This will help reduce itching and redness of lesion. One can also drink extracted fluid of aloe Vera in order to counter with herpes. Use these steps for at least days to see visible result.

Foods with omega-3:omega3 foods

omega-3 acid helps in healing lesion, inflammation and it also helps in tissue repair. A person must eat foods that are rich in omega-3, like fish. Fish is a best source of omega-3.


applying ice-cubes on an infected area may soothe your skin and can lighten redness of your lesion. So take some ice-cubes, put it in any soft cloth and apply it on your lesion gently for 2 to 3 hours. This may reduce your swelling skin and redness as well.

Take adequate sleep:

one of the best medicine. It is a universal known fact that a good sleep stimulates immunity system. So take adequate amount of sleep and you will good to go.


Herpes can be treated in a very effective manner by the natural treatment options. Click here to find some of the most effective methods of natural treatment for herpes.

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