Facial Herpes/Oral Herpes/Cold Sores – How to Treat ?


Everyone’s cold sores are triggered by different reasons if you want to know what causing your cold sore, follow this tips. As you know that cold sores are the reason of herpes simplex virus so it is very important to know that your sores are the reason of oral herpes or not. Well, now the question is how anyone can identify that they are suffering from herpes or not. You can go for herpes test there are so many tests available by which you can get the exact information are you a herpes victim or not. Herpes simplex virus causes oral and genital herpes. Oral herpes is an infection of the mouth, gum and lips. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Oral herpes is also known as a cold sores, fever blisters and labials.

symptoms-of-herpesCold Sores Causes and Symptoms

You can get this infection if you share any personal item of an infected person like towel, razors, eating in a same utensils and lipstick. This virus gets enter in your body through mucus membrane or through small cut. Most of the time people who are affected with the virus will never develop any symptoms. Cold sores are very contagious when oozing blisters are present.  Once you have had and an episode of herpes outbreak, this virus goes inert in your immune system. They can cause cold sores again at the same place where they occur at the first time. Recurrences may be triggered by viral infection, hormonal changes, stress, fatigue and changes in immune system. Some symptoms of this condition are tingling, itching, blister, pain, sore throat, headache and swollen nymph nodes.

Treatment options

The best thing is- now you can get rid of these types of painful blisters. Whether you use any medicines, antivirals or anything you just can’t get rid of herpes because this is an incurable condition once this virus enters into your body then it can stay always in your immune system. But, fortunately we have some natural ingredients by which you can get relief from those painful and annoying blisters. What are those remedies let’s have a look.

The best healer petroleum jelly

PETROLLEUM JELLY FOR HERPESYou all are aware about what is this and what is the use of this right? But, do you know that this can cure cold sores very effectively. Yes, this can cure cold sore and if you apply this you can get instant relief from your pain. You can directly apply this or if you want you can mix this with other ingredients to get more effective results.

Get some good taste with vanilla extract

This is the best and very helpful ingredient to cure cold sores. It is said that it has some essence of alcohol and it can make difficult for the virus to grow. You just need to use pure vanilla extract and dab a cotton ball in it. Apply the soaked cotton ball on your affected area.

Use something cool

ICE CUBES FOR HERPESIce may not reduce the breakouts but they can ease the discomfort and inflammation of the cold sores. It can give you relief by numbing the area. For that you just need to apply some ice cubes on your affected area.

Get the benefits from green leafy-gelled plant

Aloe vera for herpes. Aloe vera is the best plant which can grow anywhere and by this you can cure lots of problems. The uses of this plant are countless and it is said that this is the best remedy for cold sores. It has the healing property that is why it works fast than other medicines. You just need to apply aloe vera gel directly on you affected area of the skin.

Lemon balm

lemon-balm-herpes-remediesLemon balm is a member of a mint family which has the healing effect. This remedy is not only known for healing the sores but also for preventing future outbreaks. Make one cup of tea using lemon balm leaves and use that tea to wash your affected area of the skin. Read more to get more details about lemon balm and herpes.



There are few chains when it comes to cure cold sores. The one is to use natural remedies and the other one is not touching the sores. Not touching the sores is one of the best ways to prevent it from spreading. To cure cold sores this is the best way because by this you cannot spread this virus to other parts of the body. This is the worst condition for women because women are more focused about their looks. This kind of sores can’t look good on their faces. So this is the ideal way to cure this type of annoying cold sores at home.

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