Herpes Skin Infection

Herpes is a type of infection that is caused by a family of virus and this family consists of two viruses that generally attack on your skin. These viruses usually attack on your skin and often cause unwanted symptoms. Almost 70-80 % people across the world have been infected with these viruses. From a toddler to an old aged man, no one is safe from this virus and this number is likely to rise at an alarming rate in upcoming decades. There are two type of herpes simplex virus that we have already discussed now we will know about them that how these viruses infect your skin, what are the symptoms, causes etc.

hsv1 symptoms

Types Of Herpes Virus

Type one virus is called Herpes Simplex virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV- 1. This is a type of virus that generally affects your mouth and its surrounding area. It can infect your lips, chin and your nose area. Outbreak of this virus occurs when:

  • When you share utensils with contaminated person.
  • If you kiss an infected people.
  • Sharing contaminated objects like lipstick, lip balm.
  • The above mistakes may put you at higher risk of getting this virus.

There for it has been said that prevention is better than cure. Once this virus has entered in your body may remain in your body forever. There is no cure available for this virus. Symptoms of this virus are :

  • A group of painful blisters and pustules that form lesions on your skin.
  • Redness on the skin that causes irritation on skin.
  • Temperature: You will feel hike in temperature on your infected area.
  • Cold sores
    hsv2 symptoms

These symptoms can be very irritating and can affect your psychological state of mind. Another type of virus is Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and also abbreviated as HSV-2 is a type of virus that mainly attacks your genitals. It can infect your penis, vagina, anus and its surrounded area. These viruses can outbreak if:

  • You will have unprotected sex with your partner.
  • You are a female because certain studies have shown that women are at higher risk of getting this virus than that of a man.
  • You have multiple sex partners because this disease comes under Sexual Transmitted disease (STD).
  • Perform oral action during sexual intercourse.



Signs And Symptoms Of Herpes

Symptoms of this virus are as same as the first virus but the difference is that these symptoms arise in your genitals rather than your mouth. Apart of that you may feel pain during urination, irritation in your private part etc. The above mistakes will put you at higher risk of getting this virus. Symptoms of herpes virus are not being seen at its earlier stage even after you have been infected by this virus long ago. As we discussed that there is no cure available for this virus therefore any person who come to know about this truth gets psychologically affected. He often keep thinking that now he has got this virus then this virus may remain in his body forever and keep bothering him for life. This infection is not considered as life threatening but it has the potential to take many lives indirectly. People often think that now they have infected with this virus then they will spread this virus throughout their family and relatives. This puts a man into deep inferiority complex. People don’t often talk about herpes virus because they think that this virus is very dirty and causes dirty lesions on skin. herpesThey also think that this virus is very rare and why they have been infected by this virus but it’s not true. As discussed above almost 70-80% of the world population has been affected by this virus till date. If we assume that today the total human population is 750 crore then the human population that have been affected by this virus will be 600 crore. This large number says everything on its own. Therefore you are not alone in this world that has this infection. It’s just that symptoms have arisen in you, so you are facing this problem. Others also may have herpes virus but they are not in active condition. So thinking that this is a rare virus is misconception and you must change your state of mind. Some of them often restrain themselves into a dark room or at an isolated place where no one can see them. Once they are isolated from the world they become victim of inferiority complex and that abet person to take their lives. Therefor Psychological effect of herpes virus is more lethal than physical effect. If you want to know more about living with herpes, click here.

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